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This is more than a workout. It's more than a way to get in shape and lose extra weight. It's more than a calorie-killing hour. Our kickboxing classes call on you to reach deep and give it all that you've got. They bring strength out of you that you might have not even known was there.

They show you that you're stronger than you ever knew - every time you come. Sure, you'll lose weight. You'll tone your body. You'll make friends, laugh, and smile through every workout.

But more than anything, you'll see who you really are. You'll feel your inner-fire, and let it out in everything that you do. Because while kickboxing might only be an hour long... it stays with you where ever you go.

It's with you at work, and at home. When challenges come into your life, you'll know you can face them head on. And you'll have a network of people just like you who feel the same way. For starters, there's our instructors. They'll motivate you and push you to surpass any limits you might have.

Next, there's our members. Before and after class they talk together and laugh together. It's a community here. And when you join our program, you become part of that community.

So come on in and give it a shot. Ask our members what they love most about the program. Don't be surprised when they say the instructors and the awesome environment. We hear it all the time.

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